Our discerning clients have a shared appreciation and desire for quality, exclusivity, taste, and beautiful design

Born in Accra the capital city of the beautiful West African country of Ghana, Muftau travelled to the UK at the tender age of 5 with his parents and sibling.
At an early age Muftau’s boundless energy, sharp mind, attention to detail and creativity shone through as did his entrepreneurial flair, whilst still at school he begun a successful business buying small gold trinkets in Hatton Gardens and selling them on to friends and relatives.

Muftau moved into property in his late teens going on to open his own estate agency in West London, before moving on to become a property investor/developer using his love of design, art and natural creative flair to oversee the interior design of residential property refurbishment projects, often creating his own objet d’art for these properties to much admiration.

His love of jewellery, elegance and glamour remained strong and Muftau designed unique, beautiful pieces for himself which led to friends and family commissioning original pieces from him, and having travelled extensively his creations are often influenced by the various cultures, natural habitats, sights and colours he has been fortunate enough to experience.

What Makes Muftau designed jewellery, objet d’art for homes and motor yachts unique is he only ever creates one piece of any particular object or design, every item is 100% unique, handmade by the finest goldsmiths and craftsmen using conflict free diamonds, ethically sourced gemstones and 18K, 22K recycled gold.

Commission Muftau to create the perfect gift for your loved one, family member or friend or indulgence yourself with an original unique creation to treasure.